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400 XT Aero Foot

400 XT Aero Foot

  • Easy installation provided by patented tool free design.
  • Excellent load distribution for maximum stability achieved with wide foot pad.
  • Long lasting, corrosion resistant galvanized stamped steel construction.

430 Tracker II Foot Pack

430 Tracker II Foot Package

  • Quick rack removal with convenient push button.
  • Custom look complements the factory rack and vehicle.
  • Durable foot constructed of die cast zinc and engineered resins.
  • Design for use with Thule's custom fitting Tracker kits.

450 Crossroad

450 Crossroad

  • Maximum rack strength and customer fit provided by rubber coated steel strap.
  • Full rail protection with integrated rubber lining.
  • Style of foot complements all vehicles.
  • Easy to install with the turn of a handle.
  • No tools required. Fits more vehicles than any other railing carrier.

Universal Flat Top 6 91725

Universal Flat Top 6

  • Oversized push button for easy carrier opening while wearing gloves.
  • Built-to-last aluminum construction with anodized coating.
  • Fits shaped, traditional, blade style skis and all snowboard designs. Installs quickly.
  • Two styles carry up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards and up to six pairs of skis and four snowboards.
  • Includes locks & keys.
  • Fits most factory racks.

Snowboard Carrier 575

Snowboard carrier

  • The original angled two snowboard rack now adapts to factory bars, round and square load bars. Clamp-ons not required for mounting to factory racks
  • Can adapt to factory racks, as well as square and round load bars.
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate different board widths.
  • Two board angled design allows more room on top for a Thule box or ski carrier.
  • Lock core included to secure boards in carrier, theft-resistant hardware to secure carrier to rack.
  • Now includes Thule's Fat Mouth clamp, for quick attachment to different factory racks.

Ride on Adapter 532

Ride on adapter

  • Universal mounting hardware enables most bike carriers to be installed directly to a vehicle's factory rack.
  • Strong and level load bars provide ideal platform for bike carrier mounting.
  • Works with Thule Criterium and Big Mouth upright carriers as well as V2, Velo Vise, and Long Tray Classic fork mount carriers.
  • Includes two 32" load bars and tamper resistant universal mounting hardware.
  • Two bike maximum capacity.



  • Lockable long-throw skewer.
  • Aerodynamic fork block for low profile and extra stability.
  • Fits a wide range of wheels and tires.
  • Fits Yakima round bars only.
  • Tool-free installation.



A King Cobra ain't your garden-variety reptile. And the Yakima KingCobra ain't your garden-variety bike mount. It's easy to load, reasonably priced, and it can handle a range of bikes even wider than a poisonous snake's mean streak.

  • Ergonomic design loads fast and provides hands-free bike support during adjustment.
  • Grasps 20" to 29" wheels firmly in its jaws, enabling it to handle a wide range of bikes.
  • No problem handling disc brakes, thru axles, or funky suspension designs.
  • Keeps your paint job looking pretty because it grabs onto your wheel and doesn't touch the painted surfaces of your bike.
  • SKS-compatible security cable makes thieves want to reconsider their rather poor career choice. Just add SKS Lock Cores (SOLD SEPARATELY).
  • Factory rack compatible with MightyMounts (SOLD SEPARATELY).

300 Gutter Foot Pack

300 Gutter Foot pack

  • Perfect and secure fit even on very narrow gutters.
  • Designed with vibration-damping anti-slip vinyl coating.
  • Galvanized stamped steel construction.
  • Black polyester powder painted.

Universal Pull Top

Universal pull top

  • Easiest way to load skis and snowboards.
  • Telescoping action brings the carrier to you.
  • Fits shaped, traditional, blade style skis and all snowboard designs.
  • Oversized push-button for easy carrier opening while wearing gloves.
  • Fits most factory racks.
  • Includes lock & keys.

Universal Flat Top 4

Universal flat top 4

Quality construction and great looks for up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboard transport. Xadapt2 or FM1 required when used on Aero bar.

  • Locking hoods with oversized push buttons for easy access while wearing gloves.
  • Installs quickly.
  • Snowboards can be carried base to base for maximum capacity.
  • Hardware included for mounting to Thule load bars & most factory racks.
  • Clamps available for mounting to factory rack systems (see Rack Your Car Guide)
  • Includes locks & keys.



  • Your advanced bike design demands the highest level of style and sophistication from your rack.
  • Sleek design with automotive finish.
  • Fits fat and skinny tires.
  • Fits most disc brakes.
  • Easy to adjust sliding wheel tray makes positioning read wheel a breeze.
  • Double-sided wheel strap for use on either side of your car.
  • Super strong and wide wheel tray supports all bike sizes except tandems.



Coach's a firm believer that, even if you buy a really sweet bike mount, you should still have enough money left over for other essentials. Like, another really sweet bike mount. (Or two). Plus, inner tubes, beef jerky, and soothing menthol muscle rub. So, get a Copperhead and you'll be able to afford all of life's little necessities.

  • Fork attaches quickly and easily to lockable skewer (locks sold separately).
  • Aerodynamic fork block for extra stability.
  • Fits common wheel and tire sizes.



Those of us who aren't trust fund babies or rap music moguls shouldn't have to pull off a bank heist just so we can afford a nice upright bike mount. And we shouldn't need to take off the front wheel to use it, either.

  • Fits 1" to 3" diameter downtubes (most shapes and frame materials).
  • Secures wheels with ratcheting wheel straps.
  • Fits round and square crossbars equally well.
  • Compatible with factory crossbars when you add MightyMounts (SOLD SEPARATELY).
  • No problem handling disc brakes or thru axles.

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